What is going on in this world?

There seems to be no end to all the bad news that is being shown on  TV.  All we here about is the still declining economy with no end in sight.

The cost of everything is constantly rising but our incomes are not keeping up, if we are lucky enough to have  a job.  Unemployment is at its highest, along with the cost of produce and everything else.

Companies have increased their costs to the public due to the ever increasing price of fuel, but when the price of fuel goes down, does anyone lower their prices?  No, of course not.

On the evening news we here about all the crimes being committed and how people are doing horrible things to other people.  We here about missing babies and we pray for their safe return while wondering who could take an innocent child from it’s parents.

There are stories about people so poor, they can’t buy food for the families and most of us want to help but cannot because we have nothing to give and can’t keep up with our own families needs.

It seems that, as our world seems to be getting smaller (figuratively speaking), our problems keep getting larger.

We can only pray that things will improve.  Or can we?????